Digital Signage for Education

Brilliant flow of information for a brighter future. Empower your campus life with the power of digital signage.

Display class and
conference schedules

Digital signage for education can be used as the welcoming screens of each classroom. Time table of the courses, information about the lecturer, subject of the day and any relevant information can be displayed at the entrance of the classrooms in educational institutes. Also with the capabilities of OmmaSign, you can show the last minute changes such as delays, cancellations.

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Upcoming events and
activities in common areas

Collective activities and student events are the heart and soul of campus life and common areas serve as the best places to show these. With interactive and programmatic digital signage for education, the administration can display related information with just a few clicks. OmmaSign enables RSS feeds, social media accounts and important date announcements in these screens hassle-free.

Wayfinding and welcoming

We are all aware that educational campuses are large with many buildings, many halls, rooms, meeting points, etc. This can be perceived as mazes by new students and parents alike. Digital signage for education can very well be used to guide students and/or visitors to find where they need to go.

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Advertising and information
flow all across campuses

Every school has small businesses at the campus, such as book stores, canteens, cafes, kiosks, movie halls, etc. The promotional ads, announcements, offers of these places enables students to grab opportunities, while giving shop owners to be on the same page with the rest of the campus. Each business can create and upload their own content to the system and OmmaSign takes care of the rest: Relevant content in relevant screens for the relevant people.


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