Digital Signage Software Features

Discover an advanced digital signage software that will enable you to execute remarkable digital signage projects.

OmmaSign runs on everywhere

We developed a vendor and OS independent digital signage software platform.
It runs on the cloud with an easy two-step installation.



Supported Operating Systems


Born in The Cloud

Cloud is not a buzzword but a real revolution with many proven advantages. But beware not all hosted software offerings marketed as cloud are true cloud solutions. OmmaSign is a digital signage software that was born in the cloud and proudly brings you all the benefits of this new era with.

Start small, scale fast

OmmaSign is infinitely scalable, providing an ideal base from SMBs to enterprise scale projects in terms of digital signage software.

It is important you have flexible solutions that can meet your rising demands. We provide an infinitely scalable digital signage software platform which will grow with you.

Product 1
Product 2

Powerful, complete
and cost effective

Flexible subscription plans for everyone.

Due to our cutting edge cloud platform, you don’t need to spend your budget on servers or licenses. Plus our subscription plans allow you to choose a model just based on your needs not more.

As easy as ABC

Our user friendly panel and two-step installation makes it easier than ever to use.

On OmmaSign, everything is easy. Our user friendly and intuitive interface helps users learn on the fly. Did we tell about training requirements? A few hours just suffice.

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Product 4 1

Uptime matters

We are proud of 99,99% uptime and always working to go towards 100%

Downtime is expensive and it makes you look bad. We make sure you’re up and running at all times, so you can focus on the other details of your business.

Overall Uptime

99.995% 99.992% 99.996% 99.991%
Last 24 hours Last 7 days Last 30 days Last 90 days

Secure beyond imagination

Tech-giant-level security for all your content & data.

We bring you a higher standard of security that a locally managed system is unlikely to achieve. Rest assured your data and applications are protected with tight protocols based on the global quality standards.

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