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Announcements made easy in hospitals

Digital signage for hospitals’ screens are great to inform your patients for new treatment methods, new departments, new additions to the staff or anything else that you have in mind. Centralized content management system of OmmaSign enables an efficient and holistic communication in digital signage for hospitals.

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Emergency alerts in all screens

Displaying emergency alerts, evacuation maps, floor plans, hospital codes on different screens are made easy by OmmaSign. You can create special messages on any content, any time with the help of Scene Designer that comes with OmmaSign and start using digital signage for hospitals and healthcare in a matter of minutes.

Informative and stress-free common areas

Patient experience is of utmost importance when waiting for the doctor’s appointment or for a loved one in examination. Smart tips on wellbeing, personal messages from hospital staff, or live feed from the hospital social media accounts can help ease the stress and increase visitor/patient satisfaction greatly.

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Schedule and appointment details

You can display the doctors’ information, schedules, appointments and queue numbers to manage the flow of patients. This helps to improve the usability of digital signage for hospitals and increase patient experience and staff satisfaction, as well as the quality of service and also reduces perceived waiting times.

Smart menu boards for cafeterias

Whether it be the daily menus, nutritional facts or tips on what and how to eat, digital signage combined with menus are a great way to showcase any cafeteria related content. Easy to update, maintain, and publish, OmmaSign enables healthcare institutions with the best menu board solution in the world and help digital signage for hospitals serve better for patients and that staff.

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