Turkcell's This or That

Driving Sales Through Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Interactive Campaign, Turkcell's 'This or That?’


With the objective of boosting in-store and online device sales, telecom giant Turkcell was faced with the challenge of creating an innovative campaign model. The key pillar of this model was to enhance the shopping experience for their customers through active engagement. A significant aspect of this strategy involved incorporating dynamic, interactive screens in their brick-and-mortar stores, which were intended to help actively involve customers in the campaign, thus augmenting the visitor experience.

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To address this challenge, Turkcell adopted a comprehensive, three-element approach for executing this campaign. This involved the use of digital signage screens, which were deployed on the official Turkcell website, on popular social media platforms, and crucially, physical screens in their in-store locations. 

To maximize the effectiveness of the campaign in the stores, a purpose-built software was designed for the interactive screens. This enabled customers at over 1,300 Turkcell stores to take an active part in the campaign by opting for a discount on one of the two products presented on the screen.

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After casting their vote for the discounted product, customers were given the option to share their mobile numbers. Upon agreeing to this, they would receive timely SMS notifications about the campaign, specifically when their chosen device was put on sale. To effectively manage and keep track of the customer preferences, a content management system (CMS) was established. The CMS was instrumental in monitoring the participants’ selections for the campaign for real-time insights and effective campaign management.


The innovative “This or That?” campaign, conducted by Turkcell, was executed four times, reflecting the campaign’s immense popularity among customers. Throughout its course, it saw participation skyrocket with a remarkable total of 1,297,065 votes cast.


The impact of the campaign on sales was highly positive, evidenced by a robust growth of 7.93% in product groups. Importantly, it led to a massive boost in product sales, with a remarkable 55% increase reported.

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Overall, the successful outcome of this unique customer-engaging campaign illustrates the power of innovative, digitally-driven strategies in enhancing the customer experience and driving sales growth. The numbers clearly testified to the campaign’s major success, spotlighting it as a remarkable achievement in Turkcell’s pursuit of enhanced customer engagement and increased sales.

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