Turkcell Case Study

Turkcell redefines retail in telecommunications with the world's largest smart digital signage initiative, leveraging Omma Sign's cloud-based solution for dynamic customer engagement across 81 cities and 1,500 stores.


Turkcell, a leading telecommunications company, launched an ambitious digital transformation initiative dubbed “The World’s Biggest Smart Digital Signage Project.” Leveraging Omma Sign’s next-generation digital signage platform, the project spanned 81 cities and 1,500 stores with 11,800 displays, all managed seamlessly through a cloud-based solution. This venture aimed to revolutionize customer engagement and elevate the in-store experience through dynamic, interactive content and real-time updates.
In a bid to stay ahead in the competitive telecommunications market, Turkcell sought to modernize its in-store experience across its vast network of stores. The primary challenges included:
  • Centralized Management: Coordinating content across 11,800 displays situated in 1,500 stores nationwide.
  • Content Dynamism and Interactivity: Providing engaging, interactive content that could be updated in real-time to reflect promotions, product information, and other relevant data.
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructure: Seamlessly integrating with AMS systems, cameras, IoT devices and other marketing tools.
  • Ease of Operation: Ensuring the system was user-friendly with plug-and-play functionality, requiring minimal technical expertise to operate.
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The Turkcell Digital Signage Project utilized Omma Sign’s neo-digital signage software platform to address these challenges head-on:
  • Cloud-Based Central Management: The software enabled easy scheduling and centralized management of content across all screens, ensuring uniformity and consistency in customer messaging.
  • Dynamic App Content and Touch Screen Support: Stores were equipped with smart displays supporting dynamic App content and touch screen functionality for an online shop experience, enabling customers to interact directly with the digital signage.Turkcell teams also have the capability to develop and release their own applications independently, without the need for assistance from Omma.
  • Real-Time Updates with Proof of Display: Instant content updates, accompanied by real-time reports and proof of display, ensured all promotional materials were timely and relevant.
  • External Data Integration: The system was enriched with external data integrations, allowing the signage content to adapt to various data inputs, such as weather or traffic conditions, further engaging customers.
  • Compatibility with Marketing Tools: The signage system was designed to be compatible with any tool, including AMS systems, cameras, IoT devices seamlessly supporting Turkcell’s marketing activities without borders.


The Turkcell Digital Signage Project marked a significant leap forward in digital retail innovation, establishing a new benchmark for in-store customer engagement. The project achieved:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Interactive and dynamic displays captivated customers, providing them with an engaging shopping experience that merged digital convenience with in-store shopping.
  • Streamlined Operations: The plug-and-play functionality, combined with centralized content management, simplified operations for store staff, allowing for more focus ocustomer service.
  • Increased Sales and Marketing Efficiency: Real-time content updates and external data integration enabled more effective marketing campaigns, driving sales and enhancing the impact of promotional activities. Furthermore, Turkcell leveraged the capability to organize geolocational campaigns, enhancing customer targeting. For instance, they executed a targeted campaign during Ramadan, reminding people of iftar times based on their specific geographic location, demonstrating a proficient use of digital signage for timely and relevant customer engagement.
  • Future-Ready Infrastructure: By incorporating a platform compatible with a wide range of tools and devices, Turkcell positioned itself for future technological integrations and marketing innovations.
The Turkcell Digital Signage Project, powered by Omma Sign, stands as a pioneering example of how digital signage can transform the retail experience. Through its innovative use of technology, Turkcell not only enhanced its in-store customer engagement but also set a new standard for retail telecommunications worldwide. The success of this project illustrates the
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