Turkcell's Wheel of Fortune

Boosting Revenue with Creativity: Turkcell's 'Wheel of Fortune' game increased customer engagement, store traffic, and sales of both accessories and devices


Turkcell’s task was to conceive and deliver an innovative idea to improve the in-store experience in the l stores and increase footfall, particularly during special events such as New Year’s Eve, back-to-school season, and Valentine’s Day. The challenge lay in designing a new, engaging interaction that could also provide a pleasant surprise to store visitors.

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The strategy involved leveraging technology to create an engaging in-store activity which promises instant gratification to customers.OmmaSign developed a bespoke software installed onto screens in over 1,300 Turkcell stores across the country. This software hosted an interactive game called ‘Lucky Wheel’, where customers could attempt their luck by inputting their phone numbers on the screen. They were able to participate in this game once a day, turning the wheel to win a gift. Winners were instantly notified through an SMS. 

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A common pool was established for the distribution of the awards. The software was designed as a unified platform, from which each of the 1,300+ screens could be managed through a single server. This allowed for accurate tracking and recording of relevant data including the number of gifts distributed, how many games were played and at which stores. This insightful data made it possible to determine the stores with the highest level of interaction.


The  solution met with resounding success, having a positive impact on customer engagement and store traffic. An impressive total of 502,350 customers participated in the ‘Lucky Wheel’ game, resulting in the distribution of 242,510 gifts. During the period the game was in operation, store traffic increased significantly – by an average of 11%. 

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Most importantly, this initiative had a direct and positive effect on Turkcell’s bottom line. And they noticed a substantial rise in sales: a 31.6% surge in accessory sales and an increase of 31% in device sales. The unique in-store experience, coupled with the prospect of winning a gift, evidently drew more customers into the stores and effectively catalyzed sales.

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