Digital Signage for Retail

Create a holistic and end-to-end customer experience with digital signage in retail shops.

Synchronization without

OmmaSign orchestrator syncs displays without extra components such as PC players, video processors, and splitters. Whether harmonizing separate screens playing different videos or creating an impressive large video wall for a full screen takeover… Let OmmaSign rule the show for you!

Verticals Retail 1
Verticals Retail 2

Synchronization without

You already know how to use it!

You can create your own content for digital signage for retail in seconds! Drag & drop items from your media library. Place them on your content, add animations, and it’s all done! No re-rendering, no agencies, no additional costs.

Change any information on any content instantly

Need an update on a video? With OmmaSign Smart Layers, you can now update any data on any video, and on your own. No time lost, no money spent. Just perfect content management for digital signage for retail.

Verticals Retail 3
Verticals Retail 4

An open platform to
integrate them all!

OmmaSign’s open and flexible architecture allows you to integrate everything with literally. POS, public addressing, lift & learn, barcode, facial recognition, people counting, access controls, or any other 3rd party add on. You name it, we have it.


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OmmaSign is a digital signage software that equip businesses with superpowers by using the next-generation technology.

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