Domino's Pizza Signage System Case Study


Dominos, a global pizza giant, was faced with managing signage content across multiple platform devices, integrating real-time price changes into their systems and tracking pizza orders on screens in a visible and engaging manner. This was a complex task due to the range of devices, fluctuating pricing, and the customer interaction required.




Omma stepped in to address these challenges. Leveraging our multiplatform support, we tailored our solution to incorporate different SoC displays and player devices, delivering them in line with Dominos’ location-based needs.  To address the challenge of price integration, we devised a system that pulls price data directly from Domino’s systems. This data is then displayed over static videos on screens via an HTML overlay, ensuring customers have access to real-time prices. 
Furthermore, we introduced the Pizza Tracker – a system that digitally displays the pizza preparation process on screens for customers placing orders at the branch. This transparent and interactive method of tracking orders provided an engaging and unique customer experience.


Dominos successfully utilized our signage system across several types of devices in their inventory, with the capacity to choose from a wide range of platforms (WebOS, Windows, Linux, Samsung, Philips, Android Box) for new devices.

With the new price integration system Dominos could now display instantaneous price updates on their screens. Thanks to our single video output design, segmented prices could be displayed without the need for various video outputs for each segment. This not only eliminated the need for multiple videos but also prevented the costs and labour associated with re-rendering videos in case of price changes. 

The Pizza Tracker was also a hit among customers. It gave them a unique insight into the pizza preparation process, enhancing order transparency and customer trust. It simultaneously served as an effective management tool for order-related queries, decreasing the workload on staff.

In conclusion, our solutions successfully addressed the complex challenges Dominos was facing. We ensured seamless content management across various platforms, integrated real-time price updates, and created a fun and interactive order tracking system. This has helped Dominos streamline operations, save costs and deliver a superior customer experience.

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